10 Items Every Traveler Should Have In Their Toiletry Bags

Traveling can be a daunting task as it is already thrown into the physical state your body is in to deal with all that traveling entails and suddenly you’re asking for trouble.

To make traveling much smoother, you’ll want to pack some toiletries and items in the travel toiletry bags that will help ease the stress on your body and mind. Here’s a list of ten items every traveler should have packed in their toiletry kits:

1. Wet wipes

Wet wipes

Everyone knows how gross public bathrooms are, so having wet wipes available to clean up after using the facilities is nearly essential in the best travel toiletry bags.

I don’t like bringing baby wipes because they take too long to dry out if they get wet (trust me – I’ve tried). However, facial moist wipes or even just regular old facial wipes will do the trick.

2. Skin moisturizer and/or cream

Skin moisturizers

Another great item to have on hand for cleanliness purposes – but also because flaky, itchy skin can be a real nuisance, and itchiness and dryness are only amplified in the airplane air. It’s the must-have in the hanging travel toiletry bags wherever you are traveling.

3. Eye drops or saline solution

Eye drops

I like having eye drops on me at all times, but especially when I’m traveling. Airplanes tend to make my eyes very dry; I often find myself squinting all day long if I forget to remember to bring along some eye drops (ditto goes for sunglasses).

Again, you may feel like getting saline solution is over-the-top, but trust me: life will thank you later when you’re not forced to rub your eyeballs like they’re trying to take over the world. Even if you are packing a men’s travel toiletry bags, don’t forget this item.

4. Hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers

I don’t care if you wash your hands before using the airport bathrooms; there’s no guarantee that others did so and germs and bacteria spread FAST in places like airports, bus depots, and train stations. So many people touch an object or surface and then you come along and do exactly the same thing!

Keep hand sanitizer on hand at all times for peace of mind knowing your hands are cleanest when you need them most (and hey, it feels pretty nice too). Interestingly, it’s the most common thing in women’s travel toiletry bags.

5. Portable battery pack

Portable battery pack

Yes, yes – I know: charging ports are located everywhere these days – but what happens when they’re all full? You can’t be the one traveler who has to wait for the charging port!

Portable battery packs are cheap and so easy to use, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one so keep one in the travel toiletry kit.

6. Sunscreen


If there’s ONE item I think every traveler should have (besides perhaps a good jacket or umbrella), it’s sunscreen. You may not think that your daily moisturizer with SPF will suffice for say, a hike up Machu Picchu where you’re at over 10,000 feet elevation; but even if you don’t intend to hike mountains in Peru, skin cancer is something no one wants to deal with – especially since it’s 100% preventable by doing nothing more than applying sunscreen. Keep one in the travel toiletry bags.

7. Antibacterial gel/wipes

Antibacterial wipes

Again, germs spread FAST in places like airports and bus depots – so always have some antibacterial wipes or gel on hand to wipe down your seat area before you use it.

I carry these little wipes packets with me everywhere because honestly, they’re just so convenient; the only thing better would be having an antibacterial spray you could mist onto your hands or face (but those of course aren’t allowed on planes).

8. Eye mask and earplugs

Eye mask

They may not seem like a necessity, but trust me: if you’ve ever had a bad experience sleeping on a plane then you’ll know how invaluable they can be!

I’m sure you remember that time you had a family member who snored so loud you could hear them across the plane…yeah, earplugs and an eye mask will save you from those kinds of memories. Keep one in the travel toiletry bags.

9. Change of clothes

No matter how well you plan your trip or where/how long it is, there will always be things that conspire against you to ruin your day. Whether it’s a delay getting out of your home airport, delayed baggage at arrival, or lost luggage – misplaced clothing is something we all experience from time to time.

Keep a change of clothes in your carry-on bag for emergencies! You never know when things might go south and losing a few hours over a missed connection isn’t the end of the world (trust me).

10. Sunscreen lip balm

Lip Balm

If you’ve ever had your lips get sunburned, you know how much it smarts – and most lipsticks or lip balms can’t save that kind of damage.

To prevent your lips from getting crispy every time you’re outside for more than 5 minutes, keep some moisturizing sunscreen lip balm in your carry-on bag! One thing we forget to mention is to keep yourself hydrated so have travel toiletry bottles.

I think these 10 items are so important to pack in my carry-on when I’m flying because even if they aren’t the perfect fit for you, all travelers face similar problems like dry skin when landing in new climates.

Also, hand sanitizer is essential when there are so many people using the airport bathrooms every day. I also find that having a portable charger or extra clothes in my carry-on helps me when I get delayed. Keep the mentioned things in your travel toiletry set.

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